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Richmond College was founded as a men’s college, and we have a long tradition of educating men at the University. Today, we see our mission as challenging masculinity – meaning that we will critically examine the perception of men and masculinities in our society and its impact on individuals and our community – and supporting our students in the development of their own authentic, personal definition of who they are.



Student self-governance at the University of Richmond can be traced to 1915 with the establishment of the Richmond College Student Council. It then became the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA).


The RCSGA is the overarching body of student governance for Richmond College. The association includes the Richmond College Senate, Honor Council, and Judicial Council and works with the Richmond College class cabinets. The members of this group are charged with representing their fellow students' concerns and opinions and serving as liaisons between students and administration, faculty, and staff.

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